Will Zara’s Black Friday Sale happen in 2018? (Update: Yes!) Here’s the facts.

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UPDATE: Confirmed. Zara is having a Black Friday Sale again. Read our update below!

It’s the Wednesday before Black Friday and we’re not sure if Zara is having a Black Friday Sale for 2018. 


We haven’t received any information regarding whether the popular fast-casual retailer will be marking down their merchandise 20-50% off. Last year, Zara sent out an email confirming that they were in fact, joining in on all the Black Friday insanity and you’re invited. You’re friend was invited. Your family could come too.

During last year’s Zara sale, the company marked everything in the store 30% off. Wipe the drool off your face, please.

Will Zara’s Black Friday Sale happen in 2018?

So will Zara have a Black Friday sale? If last year (or 2016 or 2015) means anything, we think they will be participating again this year. We can’t imagine that Zara didn’t make millions upon millions of dollars during the 12-14 hours they were opened the day after Thanksgiving. It’s just too much of a missed opportunity for the Spanish retailer to not have a Black Friday Sale.

All that said, even if we don’t get any indication this year, if you’re a Zara head, I would be at the closest location at 8AM on Friday morning. My bet is on a Zara Black Friday sale going again on 2018.

That 30% promotion follows along the same discounted lines as the company’s previous Black Friday sales over the last few years. And as with 2016, the sale actually starts online Thanksgiving Day (today) at 8 PM EST with free shipping for any orders over $50. So you can get the 3/10th discount with turkey and gravy still on your breath (you’re disgusting, but savvy!)

ZARA BLACK FRIDAY UPDATE: We just received confirmation that Zara is again having their 30% off Black Friday Sale in 2018. Happy?  Me too!  This year has a little twist though. As the company tries to prioritize their online and digital presence, they’re allowing early access to the sale for those that have downloaded the Zara app. Take a look at the information below.

For those of you that want to peruse in-store, Zara’s Black Friday sale begins on Friday, November 23, 2018. The Black Friday sale gets you 30% off Zara’s entire collection. Your Zara will probably be open really early, check to see if your store is listed in their special opening hours here.

Can’t wait until 6AM?  You’re nuts! Get in early if you shop online or via their app. If you go to Zara,com at 8:00 pm EST or their mobile app at 7:00 pm EST, you can access the sale a few hours earlier! The discount ends Saturday, Nov 24th at 3:00 am EST

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