Will ZARA’s summer sale start on Thursday, June 21, 2018?

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It’s June. That means summer is coming into full swing, people are headed to the beach and BBQs, Gay Prides are happening all around the world, and Zara’s bi-annual sale is upon us.

As you may know, Zara holds their Spring/Summer sometimes in June and every year, we play the guessing game as to when the wildly successful promotion hits stores and online.

When is ZARA’s Spring+Summer Sale for 2018?

The good news is that it does happen sometime in June. If the last several Spring sales give us a scent of when this year’s will hit, then we’re expecting it to be the third week in June. For 2018, we’re looking Thursday, June 22nd, 2018 directly in the eye and see who blinks first.

For the reason why we deduced that date, let’s look at the numbers; in particular the previous dates for the last handful of Zara Summer sales:

When is Zara's Summer Sale Date?
Year Sale Start Date
2018 Spring/Summer June 21
2017 Spring/Summer June 22
2016 Spring/Summer June 23
2015 Spring/Summer June 19
2014 Spring/Summer June 20
2013 Spring/Summer June 21
2012 Spring/Summer June 28

You can see why we chose that date — even with a report that some clothes already being on sale, we’re holding tight to the third week. UPDATE: Confirmed! Online sales start Wednesday, June 20th at 10PM EST and in-store tomorrow!

In many of the years, we’ve hit the date right on the head, but last year Zara played around with us a little bit. We think they’re reading this and messing with us, so we’ve developed a bit of a complex since then. You see, we’re responsible for a bunch of rabid Zara fans planning out their shopping schedules. Have you seen a sales table at Zara during a sale?

Yeah, we don’t want that energy pointed in our direction whatsoever, so we try and get the date right while still putting out this caveat: we don’t know anyone at Zara, so this is just based on Zara sale dates from the past. So in addition to adding June 21st onto your calendar, we also highly-recommend that you triangulate the Zara sale date by checking Zara.com everyday (from June 7th on) to see if online sales start up and to follow their Twitter so you’re not relying on just one source..

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