What real tattoo artists think about the ‘Ink Master’ TV shows

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The Ink Master TV show debuted in 2012 and has a massive following among tattoo artists in the US and abroad. The show brings on board tattoo artists that participate in a variety of challenges to assess their skills. Judges on the show are renowned tattoo artists as well as enthusiasts that have been part of the industry for many years.

After completing the challenges, the contestants of the show have their work evaluated, and one or two of them are eliminated from the competition. In each season finale, the contestant left standing is awarded prize money of $100,000 and the Ink Master title.

Opinions of tattoo artists on Ink Master TV show

Typically, every tattoo artist watching Ink Master will have a say about the contestants, judges, and challenges that take place during the show. Most times, the response is positive as many of them see it as a platform for their counterparts to showcase their skills and give people a glimpse into their daily lives. Even so, some opinions seem to stand out among tattoo artists, and they include:

The show is an excellent platform for new artists Many artists have showcased their skills to the public for the first time on the show resulting in an influx of customers seeking their services. The show does not discriminate tattoo artists based on experience but allows them to compete among peers and emerge as the best. Apart from taking part in the show, tattoo artists can also learn by watching those competing and pick up a tip or two to improve their skills.

Promotion of tattoo skills on the show is possible Experienced tattoo artists can use the platform on the show to showcase their talents and get rewarded with prize money. The challenges that contestants tackle on the show often stretch them resulting in a number coming up with tattoos that are unique. However, some tattoo artists feel that challenges slant towards particular artists should be eliminated so that each contestant has a fair chance in the competition.

Time constraints may be overrated  Most of the challenges given to artists on the show have a time limit within which they have to complete the assigned project. Most times, the tattoo artists have to hurry to complete the task and might not offer their best work in the long run. In real life, they are allowed to take as much time as possible to ensure the tattoo is perfect and reflects the client’s desire.

Flash challenges focus on non-tattooing skills Typically, the challenges that contestants tackle on the show are meant to bring out their skills and earn them the title of Ink Master. However, some of them such as the flash challenges drift away from tattooing and ask contestants to handle tasks such as spray painting, sculpting and even burning of canvases. Even so, some tattoo artists have managed to complete the flash challenges in good time and proceed to the next stage of the competition.

Why watch Ink Master TV show

Although Ink Master is a reality show that has its share of drama, spectacle and time clocks, it can also be a great place to learn a thing or two about tattooing. If you are thinking of becoming a tattoo artist or have just started the business, here are some reasons to watch ink master online.

You learn how to use bold colors

Most of the contestants on the show use bright colors to ensure their tattoos stand out during judging. The artists do their best to ensure the final tattoo does not look washed out or too saturated on the skin. Using an eye-catching color brings attention to your tattoo so that it looks like its popping off the surface.

You learn about anatomical precision  When drawing a tattoo on the human body, it is vital for an artist to consider the shape of the body. Contestants on the show ensure that the final image does not look out of place on the part of the body on which the tattoo has been drawn. New artists can see the show as a great place to learn about anatomy in regards to tattoos.

You learn to keep lines clean Wobbly lines make a tattoo look messy and unappealing to the eye. Judges on Ink Master scrutinize the line work done by contestants and use it to make their final decisions. Most experienced tattoo artists on the show take time to create a perfect stencil that has clean lines, which they then transfer to the final canvas. Patience when making a stencil is vital for any new artist seeking to grow in the field.

You get to learn how to color tattoos skillfully Skilled artists hone their craft for many years and can fill a tattoo with color within a short time. Filling in tattoos with color is hard when you are doing it for the first time, but with more practice, your skills will improve. It is advisable, to begin with light colors and work in a circular motion until you reach the line. Contestants on the show focus on the details to ensure that colors are in the right place and their chances of winning the competition increase.

You learn about tattoo designs Tattoo designs are often categorized into old school and new age with most experienced artists mastering both. On the show, the rift between artists that prefer either of the two is usually evident. However, it is crucial for tattoo artists to learn both designs so that they can offer a variety of options to their clients.

Generally, the popularity of Ink Master TV shows has grown over time with tattoo artists and aficionados tuning in to watch contestants battle it out for the ultimate prize. The show has made some changes over time, but the show has maintained the same format that appeals to viewers’ year in, year out.

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