How to stop security ‘login alert’ notifications from Facebook, Spotify app

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Last night, i logged into my Spotify account from a different device than I usually use the app by signing in with my Android tablet. This apparently triggered a security measure where the social media company started sending me “login alert” email notifications to ensure that it was me logging in. The problem is that it wasn’t just one email, but in the last half day, I received more than 100 emails.

We appreciate your paying attention, but we get it, Facebook, you “noticed an unusual login from a device or location you don’t usually use” — just send it once or a couple times, but you don’t have to send it every 15 minutes.

How to stop ‘login alert’ notifications from Facebook apps

Though this was a Spotify login that started all this, the messages are coming from Facebook. So I went into Facebook, clicked on settings > apps > Spotify and turned off notifications, but that didn’t work.

I went back into the email and clicked on the “Manage Alerts” which took me to the “Security” tab of Facebook. There I was able to turn off email notifications. See screenshot below:

Luckily, that seemed to do the trick. Did it work for you? If it didn’t, you can also try removing your Facebook profile from your Spotify account following these steps — essentially decoupling the account from Facebook so the notifications stop. Good luck.

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