The 3 epic Avengers Assemble GIFs from Avengers, Age of Ultron & Infinify War you need

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It’s hard to believe we’ve seen 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And all of it climaxing to this summer’s Avenger’s 3 movie “Infinity War”. Even though I expected this, I can’t help but geek the freak out when I think/read/think about readng/seeing this film.

In honor of their decade anniversary, I’d like to celebrate by 1) watching the official trailer 76 times (check) and 2) providing all you fanboys, fangirls, fellow comic book nerds, and lovers all three EPIC Avengers Assemble moments from each of the three Avengers movies so you can stare at a screen even longer than you currently do.

Avengers: Avengers Assemble GIF

Avengers fight scene assemble

Age of Ultron: Avengers Scene GIF

Avengers Assemble GIF Age of Ultron

Infinity War: Avengers Scene GIF

Avengers Infinity War Gif Assemble

Even with the Infinity War movie release date moved up by a week to February 27 from May 4th, I seriously can barely wait. As excited as I am, I’m concerned that this will be a letdown. That’s because the last time I was this obsessed with a comic book movie (and I’m generally stalker-status with most superhero movies) was X3: X-Men United and to put it lightly, it was one of life’s biggest disappointments.

That said, anything coming out of the MCU in the last three years has done well critically and the fact that it’s got such great expectations (outside of mine), I trust the Russo brothers to restore hope. It also helps that it isn’t being directed by Brett Ratner. Knock on wood. See you in 54 days.

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