When do the Zara sales start in India?

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As of October 2016, there were well over 2000 Zara stores worldwide. More than two thousand. Let that sink in. Still, Zara is just beginning to hit their stride and are expanding globally.

First starting out in Spain back in the 1970s, the company now has hundreds of stores across that continent and in almost every European country. In the last few years, Zara has started to expand aggressively across North America. In Manhattan alone, the company has eight locations in New York City — half of which opened in the last three years.

Now Zara’s growth is targeting Asia specifically in China, Indonesia, Thailand, and India.

Zara Expands Into India As Asia’s third-largest economy, Zara started opening stores in India back in 2010, and has since slowed their focus there. Still, there’s nearly 20 stores nationwide, from Mumbai to Bangalore to New Delhi.

When Does Zara Have Sales in India

Like many countries, Zara follows along cultural lines to helps inspire their fashion lines. These same cultural influences hold true when stores decide on when to hold promotions or sales.

Ashadam/Audi Sale at Zara

In Southern India there’s the Ashadam/Audi sale which is held near the end of Summer. The Ashadam/Audi falls at the beginning of July and goes until mid-August. You’ll find that Zara hold a sale during this same time.

Zara India Spring/Summer

Back in 2015, ZARA India held their Spring/Summer End of Season Sale in July. The start date of that sale was July 2nd, 2015 and was held in stores and Online. In 2014, this sale started on July 20th.

Zara India Fall/Winter Sale

This End of Season sale is definitely more during the winter than fall, but they call it “Fall/Winter” because of the fashion lines that are marked down. Zara India’s Fall/Winter sale usually begins the third week of December and ends sometime during the first week of February. Some have quoted that this sale starts after the new year: January 2nd in 2014.

Zara India Online Sales to Start in 2017

Zara said in a statement that the company plans on launching an online sales presence in India at the end of 2017, so when the website comes up for India, you can also shop their various sales on the web. India’s move online will follow other Asian countries Singapore and Malaysia, whose web stores began selling in March 2017. Zara Thailand and Zara Vietnam will begin in April 2017.

Without more solid dates and information, we’re just posting some of Zara’s typical sales timeframes. The good news is if India follows the United States’ Zara sale schedule, then the general timing will give you enough time to prepare ahead of time knowing that the exact dates by a few days or a week each year.

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