Who is William Boucher – the belligerent racist Starbucks customer in Chicago?

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Don’t cry over spilled milk. But also, don’t go on a racist tirade and attacking strangers over spilled coffee. Especially if your Facebook profile picture is a Glamour Shot.


William Boucher is the 23-year old man who did just that (coffee not milk); going crazy after he had coffee (accidentally?) spilled on him at a Starbucks in Chicago. It ultimately led to misdemeanor charges being filed against him due to Boucher’s decision to respond by spitting, yelling and punching all the while being videotaped by an ABC7 photojournalist. See below:

Nice, right? Boucher, wearing a white suit was clearly incensed (and very unhappy with his life) when he started referring to random customers as “slaves” and calling their children “disposable vermin”. But wait there’s more! Boucher wasn’t done! Here’s some other fabulous things he said according to DNAInfo:

‘Shut up slave! Do not talk to me!’ he said to the African-American man in the video. He also referred to the man who spilled coffee on him as livestock… ‘Get on all fours! Do not walk on those two legs! You don’t deserve to walk on two legs, vermin’ the man said on the video. Boucher also was seen spitting on a 30-year-old man and 34-year-old woman, according to police. The argument escalated when the dispute spilled outside. Boucher yelled racially charged language at a man before repeatedly punching him, according to ABC7.



THEN, as he walked away, he swung and knocked out a 59-year old homeless man that was (slowly) approaching him. Only then was he tackled and held down by bystanders until authorities came onto the scene. The man Boucher punched went to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and was treated for an injury to his eye.William Boucher chicago

Even with his white suit and carrying what looks like a briefcase, the Internet hasn’t been able to confirm if Boucher currently holds a job. His Facebook profile does mention his hope of being a successful businessman someday. Someday. After this altercation, that “someday” clearly wasn’t Tuesday.

He refers to himself as a “school flunk” and “entrepreneur.” The Sun mentions that Boucher’s Facebook profile says that he attends a school for students for “severe and persistent mental health challenges”.

If he had a job, that’s likely gone or will be. And his wish to one day become a successful businessman? Not in 2017, my racist, impulsive and dangerous friend. And looking ahead, considering his behavior, we as a society better cross our fingers that William Boucher never gets to even sniff being an executive of a company that serves people.

We’ll update this post with more details as they become available.

The poor excuse for a human was eventually charged with three misdemeanor counts of battery and accused of physically and verbally abusing three people for the incident. The whole hub bub happened at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday near State and Lake streets in the Downtown Chicago’s Loop.

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  1. avatar
    Bob says:

    Seems like a typical internet Aspie.but in the real world
    Severe social misfit
    Egotistical delusions of grandeur LIES about work (entrepreneur and day trader)
    Lack of cognitive empathy
    Lack of common sense
    Deep underlying anger at the world
    Won’t admit to his brain disorder because of his ego
    school for severe and persistent mental health challenges
    (also kept secret for EGO reasons)

    1. avatar
      Drew says:

      Wouldnt see how he would be an advisor to trump, since his family are part of the demoncrap elite in chicago… they train their devil offspring to be racist… progressivism has only 2 classes, an elite ruling class and a slave servant class… modeled after the soviet union.

  2. avatar
    James says:

    Typical. Loved seeing the black man only attack him after it was 2+ of them. What is the saying? Two on one is ninja’s fun? Cowards, they have no soul. Living in Chicago shows you why people were racist, and why people were lynched.

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