Review: Why I love using the TodayTix app to get Broadway tickets

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Flat out, TodayTix is an awesome app for theatergoers and Broadway fanatics. Their user interface is easy to navigate and makes browsing for shows and purchasing tickets simple.

If you’re like me, the average theatergoer who enjoys a show here and there but isn’t always up-to-date with what shows are currently playing, then TodayTix is the app to download. Let’s face it, there are new shows popping up all the time! If you don’t know where to look, TodayTix is a great place to start. They don’t feature ALL shows running in the city, but they show the vast majority the major Broadway and Off-Broadway shows.

TodayTix has a new “Discover” feature that allows you to search shows based off a number of different filters, including: Just Opened; Top Sellers; Highest Rated; and Closing Soon (to name a few).

The app includes shows in these major theater markets: New York City, London, Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, DC, Boston, Connecticut, Philly, and Seattle.

You can also bookmark shows you’d like to see!

Tickets are available for shows up to 7 days in advance, and all the tickets are discounted! The most popular shows are typically sold out in advance, but if you’re committed to seeing them, just stay on top of checking the app daily to ensure you find tickets.

My favorite aspect to TodayTix is the checkout and pick-up process. You can store your payment information in the app, which makes purchasing tickets easy-peasy. Once you’ve purchased, all you have to do is show up to the theater and your tickets will be waiting for you out front through their Concierge service.

Upon arrival to the theater, a TodayTix Representative (in a red shirt/jacket) will be waiting for you to hand off your ticket! Bring your ID! Best part, you don’t have to wait in line for willcall.

I typically like to grab a drink before the show at a bar near the theater. About 10-15 minutes prior to showtime, I’ll roll up to the theater to get my ticket and get seated. Simple to use. No fuss. Enjoy the show!

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