In place of Sriracha, sweetgreen brings ‘The Heat’ with healthy hot sauce

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When sweetgreen removed Sriracha (and bacon) from their menu in mid-2016, it caused a stir with even their most diehard fans, but the bigger picture was that sweetgreen was doing right by their values.

Customers have been wanting a hot sause ever since and sweetgreen has been listening. A half-year later, straight out of their food lab is an in-house hot sauce that meets their high standards for sugar levels, sodium and health. They’ve had their custom hot sauce, “The Heat” for three weeks (at least in New York), but they just officially announced in an email this morning.

So what are the ingredients in the new sweetgreen hot sauce?

  • Fresno chiles
  • Carrots
  • Tomato paste
  • Garlic
  • Chipotle chili powder
  • Apple cider vinegar

How do we know? Well, sweetgreen divulged the recipe in their email:

“You wanted hot sauce. We heard you. So we made our own from scratch we call it The Heat. The key ingredient? Fresno chiles, which look like red jalapeños and have a similar heat. We mix them with carrots, tomato paste, garlic, chipotle chili powder, apple cider vinegar to really heat things up.”

SPICE UP YOU LIFE The Heat is spicy, savory and smoky it’s now on the Spicy Sabzi and our seasonal Curry Chickpea Bowl. Feeling adventurous? Try it on a Guac Greens or add some kick to your go-to custom salad.”

The sweetgreen hot sauce is low in sugar. It has to be because back when Srircha was taken away, they released a statement calling out the sugar in the vietnamese hot suace: “The second ingredient in Sriracha is sugar,so we removed it from our recipes, replacing it with the natural, sugar-free heat of dried chiles.”

Now, this new Fresno chiles-based hot sauce The Heat replaces those dried chiles.

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