Does &PIZZA do delivery and how to use their app

It’s a cold and rainy evening and you’re in your comfortable house wear or favorite Pokemon pajamas. What’s more perfect than getting hot cheesy pizza delivered to your home while you binge-watch your shows of choice?


The answers not much (unless there’s tater tots). That’s usually not a problem when it comes to pizza, as the Italian pies are almost historically synonymous with food delivery. But what if you’re into the personalized pizzas from the modern, fast-casual pizza joint &pizza and want it brought to your home?

Does &pizza Deliver? No and Yes

The problem with fast casual restaurants is that they don’t offer in-house delivery. That’s no different with &pizza. As far as the company offering delivery, &pizza does not at this time offer a delivery option either via any of the traditional means (online or phone) or through their &pizza app (Get the &pizza App and get $5 off your first purchase).

As of this post, &pizza Delivery is only available through third party food ordering services in the D.C. area. All the usual suspects in that space including: Postmates (use promo code xhcy3 for $10 off), Tapingo, UberEats, and OrderUp. The quickly-expanding company will likely add more ordering platforms in your local area, so keep an eye out when perusing your options.


Save Time with &pizza’s Order Ahead Option

Even though they don’t deliver, &pizza lovers who don’t mind leaving their apartments for some good eats, they do offer an “order ahead” option that’s nicely designed and super easy to navigate.

Open up their app (available on Android and iOS) and select ORDER AHEAD at the bottom of the screen.

The app will geolocate you to your nearest &pizza location for pick-up.

From there, it’s just pushing buttons; select any of “The Hits” – known favorites like “The OG” (their version of a Margherita pizza) and the “American Honey” (which has hot honey… YES SPICY HONEY). If you’re feeling creative and in a specific mood, you can create your own pizza through the app as well. Each pizza costs around $10 no matter the amount of toppings you throw on there. Pay through that same session and you’ll be scarfing down delicious pizza customized for your hunger and mood.

Fast Casuals Getting Faster

As fast-casual restaurants rely more and more on technology to make the checkout and order faster and easier, they’re making it simpler to order your food ahead of time so you can have as much of the hour in your “lunch hour” for eating and internet surfing, instead of wasting 15 minutes waiting in line.

In the United States, Level Up is streamlining the way we buy meals, making the process efficient and user-friendly. Most fast-casual that use Level Up locations don’t even accept cash anymore. With the pay-by-app feature, you no longer have to fumble around with cash or credit cards. The process is simple, open your app and scan to pay when you’re in store.

Founded by Michael Lastoria and Steve Salis, &pizza opened first in D.C. and has gradually expanded to locations around the East Coast. They opened their first New York City location in June of 2017, and are about to open their second location in New York City in Astor Place. To find &pizza near you, check their current locations.


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