What is the “some media files have been found” pop up I keep getting?

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Have you recently started seeing a pop-up that says “some media files have been found”.


What’s especially bothersome of these pop-ups is that the banner doesn’t announce where it’s from. If it didn’t look and feel completely different from Gmail (where the pop-up was coming up for me), I would assume it was coming from Google. And searching online for “some media files have been found” didn’t yield anything helpful.

After some careful clicking around on the banner, I saw that the banner derived from a Russian website called MediaSave. At some point, I downloaded the MediaSave Chrome extension to my Chrome browser.

Luckily the extension is easy to remove. Just locate the icon in your Chrome browser, right click “Remove from Chrome…” and it’s gone. That should also take care of those annoying “some media files have been found” pop-ups you were seeing too. Hope that saved you the 10 minutes it took me to discover.

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