Here’s why a username is so important on dating site

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Online dating has gained a strong foothold in our everyday life, and it’s really hard to imagine what it was like back then when no Internet and no single dating site existed.

Surely, our grandfathers and grandmothers would say that it was good old days when men and women met each other at a café and in the public parks, had time to talk and brilliantly mastered the art of the romantic courtship. Nowadays, the art of online dating is getting more vital for succeeding in a personal life. And this art begins with simple things like choosing a successful username.

Why is the username so important?

There are users who may argue with this statement and insist that communicative skills are more important, username does not matter much, in their opinion. It often happens that they have been searching for their significant ones for ages without any progress, no messages, no dates, or no one they wanted to go on date with.

They blame their profile picture, a dating site, and just do not understand that the usernames like JohnTheBest, or Mary85, have no appeal at all, and fail to attract the right candidate provided that all other elements of your profile are OK. The appealing and unique name will run into one’s head, and will ensure that you won the competitors and made you place in the sun.

What to do to come up with the cherished nickname?

A successful username is the foundation on which the building of your happy love story is built on. That’s a strong argument for taking enough time to think over it. But before list the requirements this name should meet. They will be selection criteria helping you to choose. For example, the username should catch the eye, express your personality, be unique, have no clichés, play with words etc. Not all requirements should be met at the same time. Just choose some of them that you like the most and are closer to you.

What unites people and make them communicate at ease? Of course, that is common interests and hobbies. But no all users bother to read the information in the profile if they did not like the profile picture and a username. The great idea is to inform others of your hobbies in your nickname. That will increase your chances to get more messages from like-minded people. The thing is play with words in order to demonstrate your wit, creativity and a sense of humor. If you love Star Wars, for instance, do not be shy to mention it, like Jim_Let’s_Watch_StarWars_Together.

The pace of today’s life has dramatically changed, and online dating services help us to keep in step with the times. All we have to do is to pay attention to small details of our profiles to make sure they reflect your identities and work for you.



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