Here’s a Dig Inn promo code for $5 off your next meal

Over the years, it’s been interesting to see what is considered healthy.

The latest trend are fast-casual restaurants that focus on sourcing their ingredients in a sustainable and local manner. These Chipotle-format restaurants with affordable price points are the new darlings — stores like sweetgreen, Hale and Hearty, Tender Greens, and Fresh & Co.

One of these ubiquitous healthy-casual franchises is Dig Inn Seasonal Market. This lunch and dinner franchise that gives you an protein, a vegetable, and two seasonal grain or sides gets their ingredients from local and “mindful sourcing”. In the company’s six short years, they’ve already opened 20 locations up and down New York City (and a few in Boston) with backing to expand further.


The Dig Inn Rewards Program

When you purchase your lunch at one of their many New York City storefronts, your credit card will be linked to your customer profile (which you can complete in the app). When you shop at any Dig Inn location, if you pay using the same credit card, you’ll earn rewards and it will automatically be added to your transactions.

You can also pay by opening up the Dig Inn app on your phone and scanning your QR code — more on that later. After you surpass $99 worth of Dig Inn purchases, you’ll get a $9 credit. That’s equals nearly a 10% savings every time you visit.

ds and family to download the Dig Inn app. Powered by LevelUp, you’ll get $5 toward your next Dig Inn purchase.  Your friends will receive $5 off their initial purchase, and once they’ve spent that $5, you’ll receive your $5 credit.

Save $5 on your next Dig Inn order with this promo code.

Is Using the Dig Inn App Worth It?

Thanks to LevelUp,  it definitely is. Dig Inn is one of the thousands of companies that have weaved their mobile technology into the cashier experience and has improved checkout efficiency and customer’s in-store experience.

Download the Dig Inn app onto your mobile (iOS or Android), plug in your credit card information, and pay via your uniqye QR code whenever you stop by Dig Inn. If it’s your first time, you’ll get $5 toward a meal that is made from sustainable, local and fresh produce, meat and poultry:

Dig Inn promotional discount

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