For a limited time, ClassPass offering 20% discount off 10-class plan

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For a limited time, ClassPass is offering one of their best long term promotions — a fall sale that dangles 20% off off their standard 10 class plan for six months!


Many members got an email a couple days ago for 20% off the 10-class plan standard monthly rate by signing up for 6 months – instead of paying $135 (in New York) for 10 classes, you’ll pay $106. Per class that means you’re paying a little more than $10 a class versus $13.5 per class. Of course there’s fine print and caveats to it all. The biggest one is that all 6 months must be used consecutively meaning if you like to travel, travel for work, or get injured, you won’t get the total benefit of the promotion.

Is the 20% Worth It?

The way I look at it, even if you miss a handful of classes, this is a pretty good deal. Look at it this way, if you were interested in the 10-class plan anyways, you would have paid $810 (New York City rate) in the six months for the plan. Divided by the 60 classes you receive, that’s $13.5. Say you get in on the deal, that’s $642 for six months. And say you miss or can’t make 8 classes in those six months, that’s 52 classes you do take.

You’re still making out at $12.46 cents a class — not the same fantastic savings, but still better than not doing the deal. At $12.46, that’s much better than the 5 class plan ($15 per class) plus you get to go to up to three classes! What I am saying is that it’s well worth the gamble especially if you have a sense of how many classes you’ll likely miss in that time. In case you’re wondering, you have to miss 12 classes in the six months to “lose out” on the deal.

For me, it’s well-worth it. I currently have a 5-class plan and pay $15 per class. I always seem to run out with several days or more than a week remaining, so as long as I don’t miss 20 classes, I’m saving money and getting more classes either way. Get the deal here. It’s a fantastic deal if you got the email because it doesn’t require a promo code.


Promotional Fine Print and What You Should Know

If you cancel before the last month of the 6-month plan, the difference between the discounted rate and the full monthly rate for all months elapsed on the promotional plan will be charged. And when your promo period ends, the membership renews onto additional 6-month plans at 20% off the then standard 10-class plan monthly rate plus tax. You can cancel in the last month of each 6-month plan.

This really great ClassPass special ends September 24, 2017 at 11:59pm PT. The new plan will take effect at end of current cycle and all six months must be used consecutively. After initial 6-month promotional period, account will auto-renew onto additional 6-month plans, discounted at 20% off the standard monthly rate plus applicable tax. Members can cancel through the settings section of their account during the last month of the commitment. If member cancels before the final month of the six-month commitment, member will be responsible for paying the full fare of each discounted month on the promotion. Must purchase through promotional email link to be eligible for offer. Class cancellation fees apply, it cannot be combined with any other offer and it’s intended for the recipient of email only.

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