How to change your payment method when splitting the cost of a Lyft ride

Did you know that when you’ve accept to split the cost of a Lyft ride with a friend or family member that you’re able to choose how to pay for that specific ride?

According to Lyft, after accepting a split, one is able to choose the method of payment they would like to use for their payment. In my case, Lyft sometimes took a $10 Lyft credit to pay the cost of a $3 Lyft ride (after split).

When someone invited you for a split payment, you will be directed to either download the app or open the Lyft app. Once on the app, you can either accept or decline the request (there’s an additional 25 cent fee for every passenger you split with).

If you choose to accept the split, tap on ‘Payment’ and then you will have options to pay via your credit card on file, via your Lyft credits (if you’re getting any) or other payment options you had setup on your account. If the ‘Payment’ doesn’t show up (as it didn’t for me), just go into the app payment screen and ensure the method you’d like to pay with is the default.

Splitting the costs of a Lyft ride is a great way to use your Lyft credits efficiently (since they sometimes “reward” referrers with paltry $2 Lyft credit). Passengers can split the cost of regular Lyft rides and Lyft Lines. To learn more about splitting the cost of a Lyft ride, go to

UPDATE: So I’ve had trouble changing my method of payment for rides in which I accept the split. I get the notification screen. I accept. And it goes straight into the Lyft homescreen (map, Lyft cars, location). There was no indication or “option” for me to change payment methods for that specific split. This is on the Lyft app on a Samsung S6. Is anyone else running into this issue?

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