The promo code for ‘&Pizza’ (andpizza) for $5 off a pizza with unlimited toppings

Wow, I went to &pizza for the first time last night and was amazed by their custom, fast casual pizza concept (but was less impressed by their ampersand naming).

Andpizza (as they’re also know by) is much like those fast casual formats that Chipotle made famous years ago. Since then, others have burst onto the scene to grab major market share for almost every food category: sweetgreen (salads), Dig Inn (American comfort food), Hale & Hearty (soups), Vert (Mediterranean) among others.

These fast-casual restaurants are different than say, a Panda Express or more traditional fast food joints like Wendy’s, as they tend to source their ingredients in a sustainable and local manner.

Why &Pizza is a REALLY GOOD (value)

What separates &pizza from the others is that they not only focus solely on pizza, but there’s a couple big reasons why they really draws huge lines to their locations.

The first is that no matter what put on your pizza, it’s a set price. At the NoMad/Madison Square Park location, it’s approximately $10 for any personalized pizza. The second part of that is that you get UNLIMITED TOPPINGS. Yeah, all that you can stack on top of that flat bread crust is fair game. When those two benefits are combined — it really shows the power of the &pizza pizza.

This genius concept was founded in 2012 by Steve Salts and Michael Lastoria. Why is it genius?  Because there’s significant benefit to both customers and company. The individual, flatbread pizzas are more than a foot long and more than enough food for one person, but when you put two of them together, it’s smaller than a typical medium pizza. For those two pizzas, my partner and I paid about $21 which is around what one would pay for a medium pizza from your local pizza joint.


The &Pizza Rewards Program

The go-to method of payment at many of the aforementioned places are also “fast casual” in that they prefer you pay through their app. And much like sweeetgreen, Dig Inn and Schnippers, &pizza uses LevelUp so you can not just pay via a linked credit card, but earn rewards everytime you pay through the app.

To pay by the andpizza app on your phone, just open it up, press “PAY IN-STORE” and scan the provided QR code. Once you have spent $100, you’ll earn a $10 &pizza credit. To allow you keep reading and not stop yourself from doing math, that’s $10 in your pocket or basically a 10% discount every time you visit.

And if you’re one of those that have friends and family, you can ask them to download app so you can get $5 too. As with other venture capitaled-food places, their app is powered by LevelUp. If they sign up through your link, you’ll get $5 toward your next &pizza meal. All they gotta do is use their app and you both will receive a $5 pizza credit.

Get $5 on your next Andpizza pizza (with unlimited toppings, mind you) using this promo code.

Is Using the &Pizza App Worth It?

Thanks to LevelUp,  using their custom app is certainly worth the effort. &pizza is one of the of companies that have created their mobile app presence into their in-store experience which as gone a lot in improving the “paying” efficiency as well as the ordering online experience.  To get in on the pepperoni, cheesey and vegan sausagey fun, download the &pizza app onto your mobile. It’s available for both  iOS and Android, plug in your credit card information, and pay via your unique QR code whenever you are craving a custom flatbread pizza. If you’re a first timer, you’ll get five buckeroos applied toward your personalized pizza.

To get that $5 discount credit, sign up below:

andpizza &pizza promotional sign up

22 &Pizza Locations and Expanding

Though I only heard of &pizza recently, they’ve been around for some time. As of this post, all their locations are on the East Coast. Their twenty or so locations can be found in the DMV area (D.C., Maryland and Virginia), Pennsylvania, and now New York City. This custom pizza franchise that gives you several meat choices, dozens of vegetables, handful of cheeses, and a selection of condiments — with no limits. That’s an impressive amount of locations considering that the company is barely five years old.

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