What are the dates for ZARA’s bi-annual sales in 2016?

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Last year we accurately predicted when Zara would have their bi-annual sale; approximately 5-6 weeks of continued markdowns of the past season’s stylings..

Not to be confused with any of the smaller Zara sales throughout the year — during Black Friday and periodic markdowns peppered through the year, what Zara-heads really want to know, and are fiending for, is when the big Zara sales are going to begin in the United States in 2016?

If past sales are any hints (and they have been huge, dead giveaways), Zara’s U.S. sales have quickly followed the markdowns in Europe and Asia, which are an indication of the sale season. Not only that, but previous Zara sales started in June (Spring/Summer) and December (Fall/Winter) respectively.

As you can tell, we’ve been watching these Zara sale dates over the last few years so we know what we’re doing. Trust us with your fast fashion finds. With all that Zara-experience, we’re pretty sure we know when the 2016 sale dates are:

When are Zara's 2016 Sales?
Year Sale Begins
2016 Spring/Summer June 17 23
2016 Fall/Winter December 26

UPDATE: It doesn’t look like Zara had any Fall/winter markdowns on Tuesday, December 26 and Zara’s Twitter account has also been quiet with a non-sale tweet 11 hours ago. We’ll continually update when we hear more.

> UPDATE: Clearly the sale didn’t start on Friday, June 17, but we’re confident that it’ll start soon — we’re now estimating that it’s being pushed a week out to June 24th! It must! Stay tuned! <<

>> UPDATE 2: As of June 22, 2016 at 11:20 PM EST, Zara.com is showing the following splash page announcing the following: “WE ARE PREPARING THE WEB FOR THE SALE. WE WILL BE BACK AT 00.00”

For Zara’s 2017 sale date, check this .

zara sale 2016

If you’ve been following along our many posts about Zara sales, you won’t be surprised when Zara’s US website announces their sale has started.

That’s because you’re ahead of the game; you’ll already have it marked in your calendar. We got you. You got savings. See you at Zara’s Bi-Annual Sales starting June 17, 2016 June 23, 2016 and December 26, 2016.

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