TodayTix referrals: TodayTix raises discounts to $20 for first timers

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A notification came from the TodayTix app over the weekend announcing that they were increasing their referral bonus up to $20 for the month of March.


The $20 referral isn’t something new — in fact, the original referral bonus when TodayTix started the program was a crisp $20 bill (in TodayTix credits, of course) before they lowered it to $10 in September of last year.

Still the referral discount is double what it’s been the last half-year, so it’s a great time to consider upping your referral marketing and if you’re in for a show, a good time to get tickets through TodayTix for $20 off.

TodayTix announced the change via their Twitter account:

In order to get your $20 TodayTix discount, you can plug in the following code BIHLO to get you twenty bucks off Broadway and off-Broadway shows — not only in New York, but TodayTix launched their service in San Francisco back in November 2015.


My BIHLO voucher code is good for users that have never used TodayTix before. Get $20 off in March 2016 (and beyond — who knows how long it’ll last?). During checkout, place “BIHLO” into the discount code field money money money off.

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