The Orleans Hotel & Casino: When are check-in and checkout times?

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Staying at The Orleans? The published check-in time for the hotel and casino is at 3PM, but depending on how full this huge hotel is, you can probably get into your room earlier. Of course, early check-in is at the discretion of the hotel. 

Even if you can’t check in early to The Orleans, it’s best to get to the registration desk before 3PM to beat the rush!

The official checkout time at the Orleans Hotel & Casino is 12:00 PM as you can see by the plaque posted on every door in the hotel.

The Orleans hotel check out time

However, as with most hotels, you can easily request a later checkout time. I called down and was easily able to extend my checkout time to 1PM without being charged extra. Multiple TripAdvisor reviews mention the same experience with checking out at 1PM. Some have even extended it to 2PM without a hassle

If you’re a high-roller with the Orleans’ BConnected card — you can have a late checkout up until 5PM (needs confirmation).

For those that pay with a credit card: you can checkout even quicker using the check-out .option on the TV to skip the line at the front desk registration. This option displays your invoice and if all looks good, you can confirm with your TV remote. Once done, you can leave the keycard in the room and be on your way.

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