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If you’ve been following this site (you need more hobbies) you know that I’ve been posting a lot about and obsessing over sweetgreen.

The fast casual salad franchise with approximately 50 locations in the Northeast and California offers up relatively-affordable salads that are not only healthy, fresh and tasty but also filling for those that think salads are a poor excuse for a meal.

Sweetgreen salads are relatively affordable; a meal run anywhere from $7-$12 for a bare bones custom bowl to one of their signature or seasonal salads. Watching your weight-wise, sweetgreen’s salads and grain bowls aren’t belly busters; they come in as low as 365 calories in a Rad Thai, 530 calories for the popular Guacamole Greens and at the higher end, 765 calories for an Earth Bowl.

Whether you’re into creating your own salad or a fan of their signature salads, get $3 off your next order by clicking here or on any of the images below (it will take you to the company that runs sweetgreen’s mobile app):

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sweetgreen referral code for guacamole greens

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