The story behind the ‘Run Barbados’ marathon surprise finish and Facebook video

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In this past weekend’s Run Barbados Marathon, a surprising video has surfaced that captured Tonya Nero of Trinidad & Tabago surpassing two competitors in a photo finish. Check out the video below:


Posted by Earl Simmons Hd on Monday, December 5, 2016

At the start of the video, the two front runners are nearing the finish line neck and neck as the likely first and second competitors to cross. As the Natasha Wodak and Lanni Marchant recognize that they’re in front in what seems all but an inevitable first and second place finish, Wodak reaches down and offers her hand so the two can hold hands to cross the finish line together. The recognition and celebration prep happens literally steps away from the finish line.

The two marathoners slow a bit to savor the finishing moment together and before they know it, Nero bolts past both, breaks through the ribbon and grabs the the first place finish to the race out of their raised hands. Wodak and Marchant quickly realize they fucked up really bad as evident by their shocked faces and gaping wide open mouths. They keel over in exhaustion and digest the last 5 seconds.


With a finishing time of 36:36, Nero won the 2016 Colombian Emeralds International 10K which is a part of the Run Barbados Marathon Weekend; a celebration of the island’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

Wodak and Marchant, both 2016 Rio Olympians, finished one second later; at 36:37. Ouch. You can see the full results of the Run Barbados marathon at

The at-the-very-last-second, photo finish by Nero coupled with the karma-induced reactions of Wodak and Marhchant made for the perfect viral video. It’s quickly spread online with one version of the video garnering over 9 million views on Facebook as of this posting and comments such as “Don’t Ever Sleep!!!” and “she came through like she was running a 400m” and “Don’t celebrate early unless you are Usain Bolt ⚡” and “When u finally see a parking spot and someone rushes u to it :D ok I’m dne lol”

And of course:


Congrats to Nero for never giving up. And for giving us all a nice reminder that “it ain’t over until it’s over!” Or maybe it’s “keep persevering” and other inspirational memes!

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