Lyft improves price estimates in their app for regular Lyft rides

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Lyft always gave you the price upfront for Lyft Line rides, but with a new update to their app, they’re finally offers price estimates for all rides.

In an email sent out over the weekend, it said “Check out where others are heading, and how much you’ll save by taking Lyft. Plus, with our in-app fare estimates, you’ll know the cost up front.”

Prior to the update, regular Lyft rides (not Lyft Line) would give you a price estimate within a range (e.g. $14-22) usually within $6-10. The problem with that was depending on the cost of your ride, it was usually a pretty significant difference and one that would determine the feasibility of the ride in the first place.

Lyft price estimates

Now the app update gives you a much more accurate price estimate (e.g. $12.67) down to the penny. Whether you can expect it to hit that exact number is another question, but with the new feature, there’s much less of a guessing game.

The email doesn’t give much more than what I’ve already presented. Clicking on the “Want to see them in action? Get a price estimate ›” link sends me to a general “why take Lyft” page that doesn’t give any more detail feature.

I guess we’ll have to just test it out. I do know with the more-exact price estimates, I’m more likely to take more “regular” Lyfts as opposed to always taking Lyft Lines.

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Lyft price estimates

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