Quick guide to using Lyft in Minneapolis-St. Paul (and $50 code)

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There have been some exciting innovations to the personal transportation industry in the last decade. One of those innovations is the advent of rideshare companies such like Uber and Lyft. In this post, we’ll focus specically on Lyft (because I dislike Uber).

For those that are new to the concept, ride sharing is a community of personal drivers. These drivers use their own vehicles and offer to drive passengers to their destinations. Lyft drivers cannot, however, pick up passengers who hail them on the street, but are instead connected with passengers through Lyft’s smartphone apps.

Lyft has been available in Minneapolis since July 18, 2014. After an almost unanimous vote by the City Council, Minneapolis became the sixth region to legalize Lyft’s ridesharing service.

Lyft Minneapolis Quick Fact Guide

Some things to keep in mind if you’re thinking of using Lyft in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area:

– In the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, Lyft is there for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
– No matter where you are or where you end up, you can count on Lyft for rides in a matter of minutes.
– Airport Service to MSP (Minneapolis St Paul Airport) available — though there’s no official partnership between Lyft and MSP

Why is Lyft So Easy To Use?

Lyft is simple because you can order your Lyft from your phone. Of course, you have to first download and use the Lyft app before you can request a ride and be connected with a Lyft driver, but we can easily download apps in our sleep (or when drunk). From there, set your destination, wait for your ride, and after the ride, you can pay via the Lyft app as well. It’s all done in the app.

In addition to ordering and paying via the app and website, you can also, among other features, view the coverage areas, sign up as a driver, and estimate the cost of the ride.

How much does Lyft cost in Minneapolis?

Lyft is the one of the more affordable rides in town. Whether you ride alone or with up to three passengers, the ride is your own personal transportation. One to two passengers? Use Lyft Line. Have more than 3 people to come along? Request Lyft PPlus which allows you to bring up to six passengers.

You can use the Lyft app (or website) to estimate the price of your trip by entering a pickup and drop-off location or you can calculate using the following price guide:

  • Base Charge = $0.45
  • Cancel Penalty = $5.00
  • Cost Minimum = $4.50
  • Cost Per Mile = $1.02
  • Cost Per Minute = $0.16
  • Trust and Service Fee $1.55
  • Airport Fees = Varies.

Here are the prices for Lyft Plus, which offers a 6 passenger ride:

  • Base Charge = $1.00
  • Cancel Penalty $5.00
  • Cost Minimum = $9.00
  • Cost Per Mile = $2.00
  • Cost Per Minute = $0.30
  • Trust and Service Fee = $1.55
  • Airport Fees = Varies

Besides just going from point A to point B, there is so much more that makes getting a ride with Lyft fun yet relaxing. For one thing, Lyft has awesome drivers from the community. The drivers themselves pick their own schedule and many of them are driving for Lyft part-time and do something else as their primary occupation like florist or firefighter.

Also, no more standing in the street waving down (or waiting on) taxis or being stuck somewhere without a ride and having to walk (when it’s snowing). With Lyft, if you are in the coverage area, which includes all the hip and popular destinations such as Lowertown, Cathedral Hill, Northeast, The North Loop and Nicollet Avenue. and you have access to the Lyft app, then a ride in just minutes away, 24/7. Go to Uptown Minneapolis or to Downtown Wayzata.

Get a $50 credit for rides in Minneapolis and St. Paul by adding STUART12 promo code into the payments screen:

Lyft Minneapolis


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