Does Zara have a Christmas sale?

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We are all about Zara sale information. Really. No, seriously.


With gift giving season upon us, how great would it be to give some modern-styled clothing on Christmas eve or Channukah? What’s better than a Zara knit as a gift?

Getting that same Zara piece at a discount, that’s what. If you’ve shopped at the Spanish retailer, then you know their clothing is already reasonably-priced. Still, as my mom would say “a bargain is just $10 away from being a steal” (my mom never said that).


With Zara’s Black Friday 30% off sale behind us, does Zara hold any holiday cheer for us going into December?

From the last couple years of experience, the answer is no. The reason being that a Zara Christmas sale would be too much of a good thing.

Consider that Zara already has a Black Friday sale at the end of November and one of their two yearly blowout sales coming on the heels of Jesus Christ’s bday.

Unfortunately, there’s no Zara Christmas in December. You’ll have to deal with the masses on Black Friday, or wait until after Christmas.

Maybe get something during their Winter sale and giving a New Year’s gift?


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