Verizon begins shipping out Galaxy S6 Gold Platinum phones

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Just got a shipping notice from Verizon that my Samsung Galaxy S6 Gold phone is on it’s way!

When I ordered the phone in early April at my local Verizon store, a representative told me that the Gold edition of the Galaxy S6 was backordered until April 21st. There was a ton of hype leading up to the phone’s release and the gold version is always more coveted, so I wasn’t surprised that there was a longer wait.

After some back and forth, I decided to wait for the Gold Platinum colorway despite having an outdated iPhone.

After a particularly challenging week using my excruciatingly-slow Apple phone, I called Verizon to check on the status of my 8-core processor, 3GB memory dream phone in hopes that perhaps the backorder was no longer backordered and that the phone would ship out before the estimated ship date. Despite selling millions of units, the S6 was actually underperforming. Maybe that bad news for Samsung meant that I would get my S6 phone a week earlier?


Well, I got the opposite of good news, Verizon’s system was now showing that the S6 Gold was backordered until May 1st! Needless to say, I was disappointed at the prospect of another 10 days dealing with slow 3G internet speed but felt that I would be able to get through this tough time in my life. Still, I was secretly hopeful that the date would update again in my favor.

Today, a week or so after that disappointing call, I got an email confirming that my Samsung Galaxy S6 GOLD was on its way to me!

Your Verizon Wireless order has shipped! You can track its progress online with the tracking number(s) below.

I’m not sure how much Verizon has in their inventory and how many other S6 Gold straphangers were waiting on this, but I imagine thousands of others are receiving the same shipping notice today.

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