What to do with the “TVpad user does not exist” error message?

This problem doesn’t show up as often with bigger TVPad problems out there, but if you run across the “TVpad user does not exist” error message, here’s how to fix it.


When these “user does not exist” messages first appeared a couple years ago, the company acknowledged there were problems with their servers. A few years later, the company came under a DoS attack according to TVpad’s customer support.

In either case, there are ways to solve the “User Does Not Exist Error” TVPad message, it’s all about changing your DNS address to Here’s how to change your DNS settings on TVPad3:


Changing the system’s DNS isn’t difficult if you know what you’re doing and used to working with the clunky TVPad remote control. Once you have an alternate DNS servers you’d like to try on your TVPad, follow these steps to manually change the system’s current DNS:

1) Go to Main Menu
2) Go to Settings
3) LAN Settings
4) Change Type from AUTO to MANUAL
5) Remove old DNS (backspace)
6) Add new DNS
7) OK (this will save new settings)
8) Exit
9) Hit “Back” on your remote


Again, go into your network settings and manually change the DNS address to Keep the other settings as they are (Subnet Mask, Gateway, etc.)

After you’ve adjusted the DNS address, press “OK” button to save the settings. It’s always good to restart the TVpad after changing and saving settings, but I’ve found that isn’t always necessary. This technique has worked for dozens of users works. If this post helped (or you have a question), leave a comment below.

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