TVPad not working? The TV box was blocked and shut down by lawsuits

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Is your TVPad not working? You’re not alone. Many TVPad users have been reporting that their streaming device is offline and it isn’t user error.


Unbeknownst to me, a court battle has been raging in the courts against TVPad — the streaming device that allows one to watch Chinese programming outside of Asia. From a March 19th, 2015 Businesswire press release:

DISH and leading Chinese-language television providers sue TVpad manufacturers and dealers for copyright and trademark infringement… joining DISH as plaintiffs are China Central Television (CCTV), China International Communications Co., Ltd. (CICC), and TVB Holdings (USA), Inc. (TVB USA). CCTV is the largest television broadcaster in mainland China, and TVB USA’s parent company, Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), is the largest television broadcaster in Hong Kong. DISH holds certain rights to transmit CCTV and TVB television programming in the United States.

To break it down, it was basically TVPad vs. DISH and SlingTV, CCTV, TVB and CICC. Eeek, if you’re familiar with those Chinese channels, that’s not looking good for the little TVPad.


That battle ended as expected. TVPad was ordered to cease selling their streaming TV boxes waaaaaay back in June for illegally distributing Chinese TV programming. As of late October, TVPad access was being blocked for many users, including my mom:

It has been a few days that a lot of people are experiencing connecting to TVpad server with no luck. The reason why is “In a default judgment, a California judge ruled against the companies behind the TVPad device” Due to copyright laws. All of there support, website, social media and forum are either down or no one responding.

My mom had been using the device for approximately a year and a half; watching Chinese movies and Hong Kong new channels until recently. She told me just yesterday that TVPad was blocked for her and all her friends in Chinatown are experiencing the same. She mentioned that some of her friends have successfully returned the device for a refund.

Some TVPad websites have been in and out and their social media accounts have been dormant. This looks like the end of TVPad for *most* users. Apparently, there are ways to get around the injunction and blackout, but will require tech-savvy children. You can follow the TVPad saga and workarounds at TVPadTalk’s forum.


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      stuarte says:

      Not sure — I heard from my mom’s friends that some were able to get refunds. Not sure when they requested them. Might be too late now, but worth a shot by asking the retailer that sold the TVpad to you.

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