Colorful snacks lined up at Taipei Main Station
Colorful snacks lined up at Taipei Main Station

16 photos from my trip to Taipei

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A recent two day trip to Taipei gave me a small sampling of what Taiwan has to offer. And I liked what I was able to see.

Taipei is everything I imagined Japan to be like: good, quality food, good shopping, clean and law-abiding, polite people, but at a affordable price point.

Given, the city itself wasn’t much to look at, but for the 48 hours I spent there with my sister, Taipei embedded itself onto the short list of international cities that I’d like to explore further.

Here’s 16 photos from my Instragram detailing my quick jaunt to Taipei:

And those photos don’t account for the street dumplings, the hot springs on Xingyi Rd., the Eslite Spectrum, and the Lightning Chocolate. I’ll be back, Taipei.

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