The best Shia Labeouf “DO IT” remixes all in one compilation video

Oh man, these are great.

This is why the internet should have been invented earlier; to expose some celebrities as the “normal” regular nutcases that we regular people experience everyday on the street and family reunions.

A couple weeks ago, Shia Labeouf put out an awesome motivational video that has since been internet remixed:

The Ted Talk, Batman and World of Warcraft videos are just the tip of the iceberg; there’s several dozen other video takedowns.

Could you imagine if we didn’t have the internet? Shia Labeouf would have gone down in history as just another middling actor with a couple public outbursts instead of the real life Matt Foley and YouTube,Twitter and did I mention Internet already?

If you need more motivation to get out and get things done, here’s the full 29 minute motivation video from Shia:

Can we stop putting these people up on pedestals?

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