Chelsea fans refuse to let black man onto Paris subway, chant how proud they are to be racists

When talking to some Europeans about race, my experience has been that they see themselves above the United States in their approach to race relations. They like to point to our history as the trump card that we don’t have a seat at the table (which I would argue should allow us a seat at the head of the table).

They shrug their shoulders and give out this sense of how they’re above racism in their respective countries. That may be true for those individuals I’ve run into, but from what I’ve seen with their football fans, an evolved approach to racism doesn’t seem to be too ingrained into their collective psyche.

The United States certainly has problems with racism, but I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen it so publicly as you see in the above video.

Even considering mob mentality, you won’t find a random group of American sports fans pushing a black person out of a subway and chanting how proud they are to be racist no matter how drunk they are. Especially not in any of our big cities, not even Philadelphia or Boston. I’m not saying that they aren’t some Americans that think about doing such things, but our society has forced us to push those thoughts down.

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Obviously that’s not the case in the video. Clearly, I don’t live in England, Spain, Greece or Italy, but from what I’ve seen from some of their sports fans, they’ve got some serious work ahead of them.

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