When the heck does Nespresso put their machines on sale?

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Nespresso has grown significantly in the last few years on the strength of their “high-end” machines and espresso pods that make creating your own homemade lattes simple and painless.

I purchased a Nespresso Lattissima two years ago and I haven’t questioned the purchase once. Okay, I questioned it once — two months after I bought my magical espresso machine, Nespresso threw a sale on their machines. One that would have saved me $100.

So being the caring citizen that I am, I want to inform all my internet friends when they can expect the next Nespresso machine sale based off past sale dates.

nespresso machine sale promotion 25 percent off sale

Nespresso seems to always have some type of specials going on. Whether it’s discounted Nespresso pod, limited editions, complimentary gifts when you buy sleeves, and free shipping offers, but do they ever have Nespresso machine sales or discounts?

In short, yes, but Nespresso doesn’t hold very many sales in-store (if you even have a store nearby – Nespresso has only 35 stores in the United States) and when they do, sometimes it’s not a straight up dollar savings as opposed to “credit” toward buying their capsules.

Here are all the BIG Nespresso machine sales and promotions from the last two years:

Year Month Days Discount Promo Details
2015 Nov 26-30 40%* Black Friday 30-40% off new machines
2015 Jun 12-21 30% Father's Day 30% off any machine
2015 May 1-31 $75 Spring Promo $75 coffee credit with machine purchase
2015 Jan 1-31 $100 Christmas $100 credit when purchasing machine $199+
2014 Dec 15-31 $100 Christmas $100 credit when purchasing machine $199+
2014 Nov 20-24 25% Black Friday 25% off select Nespresso machines
2014 Jun 6-16 $75 Father's Day $75 credit when purchasing machine $199+
2014 Jan 1-26 $75 Christmas $75 credit when purchasing machine $179+
2013 Dec 1-31 $75 Christmas $75 credit when purchasing machine $179+
2013 Nov 29-30 $75 Christmas $75 credit when purchasing machine $179+
2013 Nov 21-25 25% Black Friday 25% off select Nespresso machines

* update: Nespresso’s tweeted to let me know I missed the 2015 Spring Promo

Nespresso responds with spring promo

Seems like the big dollars-off sales (25%) happen during the week of Thanksgiving and Father’s Day.

spring promotion on nespresso machines

The last promotion that Nespresso had on their machines was back in January 2015 from the 2014 holiday season. Prior to that, Nespresso had an actual “sale” for five days. From November 20-24, one could purchase select Nespresso machines discounted 25%.

Nespresso Machine Sale in November 2015?

If 2013 and 2014 are any indication, then Nespresso will have a five day sale during the big holiday season in which you can get a Nespresso machine for 25% off. Last year, the event went from November 20-24th and in 2013 they ran the same promotion from 21-25th of November. So if you’re looking for a Nespresso machine around Thanksgiving time, you might want to wait to see if this sale will happen again in 2015.

Nespresso Machine Sales at Third Party Stores

You can get a Nespresso machine at many big name retailers such as Williams-Sonoma, Target, Crate & Barrel, Best Buy and Bed Bath & Beyond.

You can also purchase their machines at Bloomingdales, Macy’s and Sur La Table and also pick up Nespresso pods.

nespresso promotion 25 percent off sale

I’m bringing these up because many of these stores have their own sales. So if you’re in the market for a Nespresso machine, you might want to check the above stores or sign up for their newsletters so you know when they’re having any special sales on Nespresso machines

For example, I subscribe to Crate & Barrel’s email newsletter, so I was able to see that they had a “Wine&Dine” sale from March 19 through April 4th for $100 off any Nespresso “coffee-espresso” Makers.

In any case, Nespresso machines are worth the investment at full price, but even more valuable if you can get a machine at a discounted price.

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