Quick + Easy: Use mushroom powder to add easy, bold flavor to your meals

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Mushroom powder is created by dehydrating, crushing, and grounding the dry mushroom into dust. The powder is commonly used to flavor soups, as a base for sauces, and to season hamburger and meats.

Due to the mushroom powder’s strong scent and flavor, you can skip the sauce and infuse the fine powder directly into starches like pasta and rice. I discovered this when I added freezed dried mushrooms to my meals.

The dried mushrooms added a a strong flavor and texture to my dishes, but I quickly learned that it was those little bits, pieces, and dust left at the bottom of the container that added the strongest taste.

There I saw an opportunity to make my meal-making easier, more convenient and my dishes more flavorful with minimal effort. With that in mind, I researched mushroom powder and before settling on porcini mushroom powder from Hoosier Hills Farms – a company that I trusted.

The powder isn’t cheap (about $26 after shipping), but because the powder is really fine, one pound of mushroom powder should last you quite a long time. You don’t need very much to make a big impact.

I put a couple small teaspoons into the rice cooker along with rice, salt, water, onions, turkey and garlic. I turn the cooker on and after 25 minutes, you have a bold mushroom-flavored turkey fried rice.

Pictures coming soon…

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