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Are you silly like me and like editing MP3s? I’ve used MP3 cutting software in the past to cut and fade my MP3s, that’s because I didn’t know there were ways to trim MP3s online… MP3 cutting in the cloud.

This isn’t one of those posts where I sampled a ton of online tools before finding the right one — the good news is that the first site that came up on the search engine worked perfectly — And for good reason — it makes online audio cutting simple.

1. UPLOAD: Just upload your music file onto the site (using the huge “OPEN FILE” button).

2. ADJUST: Once the MP3 has finished uploading, move the slider to where you’d like the song to begin and end. Then choose whether you want the song to fade in and/or fade out selecting the “Fade in” and/or “Fade out” buttons.

3. CUT: When everything is set to your wants, click….


4. SAVE: Save to your computer.

The pros of is that it’s all on the web. No need to download and install software onto your laptop. It’s simple to use and you can cut and fade to the tenth of a second which the program I was using that was installed couldn’t do. .

The only con to is that you can’t choose to fade at a different point than where you want to cut. If you want cut and fade at different points of the song, then you have to edit the song twice.

Other than that, is a simple, quick and a useful online tool. Goodbye MP3 cutting software. Five stars.

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