Is Kennedy Fried Chicken on 14th street closed for good?

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With each new bank branch and fast franchise that opened on East 14th the last two years, the Kennedy Fried Chicken outpost felt more and more out of place in the East Village.

As mom and pop shops shuttered around them, it was a matter of time before the local New York City chicken joint on 14th between Avenue A and B would also close up.

Apparently, that time has come. Surprisingly though, it’s demise wasn’t from rising rents, but they’re being forced out due to consistent non-compliance over….. recycling? From EV Grieve:

Kennedy Fried Chicken has lost a court hearing brought by its landlady and must leave its 536 E. 14th St. location in three days. A dispute over repeated fines that the building’s owner received from the city for non-compliance over recycling has forced the longtime East Village location to terminate its lease and vacate the rental property.

Crazy, but not entirely out of the realm of possibility for a Kennedy Fried Chicken franchise.

I’ve only been to that “KFC” a handful of times and despite a vocal contingent that swears by their chicken — I didn’t find it anything special. The price was definitely right. The grease was on point when you were craving it. I hate that it’ll probably be replaced by a national chain, but I won’t miss Kennedy’s chicken so much as it’s local character.

What I will miss the most about that particular Kennedy Fried Chicken is the 13-year old that one would sometimes find manning the register. The kid had swagger; he gave you shit as you ordered, half-seriously trying to overcharge you for a three-piece (or ketchup) and converted your change into a tip.

Might not sound like a good time, but it’s one of those things you have to experience to know what I’m talking about. He was extremely personable when he tried to convince you let him keep your 37 cents. His hustle game was strong.

A Note About Your Expectations

I love reading all the Yelp one star reviews complaining that Kennedy never delivered their Seamless orders or answered their phones.

Kennedy Fried Chicken LOLs 14th street

Clearly these Yelpers have never actually been inside this place. If they were paying attention, they would know that Kennedy Fried Chicken doesn’t/didn’t/don’t give a fuck about your $11 order on GrubHub.

Kennedy Fried Chicken didn’t/doesn’t/don’t have any fucks to give about your delivery order of four $1.25 drumsticks much less getting it to you within two hours time. Please, when you choose to engage with dollar chicken joints (or any uber-cheap restaurant), then you’re living in their world and subject to their one law — we’re feeding you for $4 so shut the hell up and enjoy your fried chicken/pizza/halal/dumplings/hot dog.

So if you get two pieces of chicken, french fries, a packet of ketchup and correct change back from Kennedy Fried Chicken, cash in your chips and go home.

R.I.P. Kennedy Fried Chicken

Kennedy Fried Chicken
536 East 14th St
New York, NY 10009
b/t Avenue A and Avenue B
East Village, Alphabet City

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