John Wall’s ‘360 midair layup’ is quickly becoming his signature move

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John Wall is quickly making his high-flying 360 layup his calling card.

We’re not talking just a regular spin move off the dribble, we’re talking a spin move in midair in the middle of a game. By the count of the following “Spin Master” video, he’s pulled it off successfully at least four times. Take a look:

Not only is the speed in which Wall employs the move impressive, but his ability to avoid defenders and maintain his balance in such a confined area is what makes this such a “pro” move.

The spinning is the easy part; let’s not forget that Wall has to gather himself and still hit the shot. Not easy to do when you’re trying to evade some of the world’s most athletic players.

And the most spectacular part of all this? John Wall does the spinning, avoiding, gathering and shot making all in the air.

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