Here’s all the Jeremy Lin hairstyles throughout the years

October 20, 2015 - Basketball / Jeremy Lin

This is nothing more than a post about Jeremy Lin’s hairstyles.

You don’t really need a fluffy introduction about how he’s played for five seasons or a conclusion to tie his change of jerseys to changes in hairstyles — simply, it’s a post with photos of Jeremy Lin’s haircuts throughout the years. Please enjoy them.

Lin as a teenager with the porcupine cut

In high school, a thin Jeremy Lin sported a porcupine cut when he was chosen for the 2005-06 first team Cal-Hi Sports all-state team.


Jeremy Lin hairstyle at Harvard, left, drives past Connecticut's Gavin Edwards during the second half of Connecticut's 79-73 victory in their NCAA college basketball game in Storrs, Conn., on Sunday, Dec. 6, 2009. Lin scored a game-high 30 points with nine rebounds, Edwards scored 12 points with five rebounds. (AP Photo/Fred Beckham)

Back during his days at Harvard, Lin had a pretty standard haircut.


Jeremy with Reno Bighorns NBDL

Here’s Jeremy playing in one of his twenty games with the Reno Bighorns of the NBDL. Lin would play a total of 21 games in the NBDL including just one game with the Erie Bayhwaks before being called up by the New York Knicks.


Lin with the Warriors

Here’s Lin with medium-length hair during his rookie year photo shoot in Golden State. Lin’s time was shared between the NBDL and on the bench behind star guards Steph Curry and Monta Ellis.


Lin hair with the Knicks

Jeremy kept his hair this consistent length during his breakthrough “Linsanity” run with the New York Knicks even though Metta World Peace suggested that he up his style game: “We think he needs a better haircut. I don’t like that style. You’re in New York, the fashion capital. Change your haircut, OK? You’re a star.” now.”


Jeremy Lin joins adidas haircut special

During his stint with the Houston Rockets, he got the three stripes from the Adidas logo shaved into his head (by Dwight Howard) when he signed with the shoe company.


close cut with two lines

With the Lakers, Jeremy Lin was looking sharp with this close cropped cut with a couple lines shaved onto the sides.


Jeremy Lin dribbles for Charlotte Hornets in NBA Global Games

His new Dragonball Z spikey hairdo with his new team, the Charlotte Hornets.


why the bowlcut Jeremy

For a few days, Lin brought back some child memories with this terrible bowl cut.


Jeremy lin with the mini ponytail man-bun?

Jeremy lin with the mini ponytail man-bun?


Jeremy Lin bowlcut with double widows peak?

Jeremy Lin bowlcut with double widows peak?


Jeremy Lin's dreadlocks

You knew it was coming; Jeremy Lin’s dreadlocks has raised some eyebrow hairs. Especially when Kenyon Martin had something to say about Lin “wanna be black.”

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