The multi-color Nike Hyperchase PRM by Net Collectors Society

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As many shoes as I have gone through playing basketball. I’ve never been much of a sneakehead. That’s not to say I’ll just play in any old shoe, as I can be particular about what I have on. That said, you won’t find me spending $200 on basketball shoes.

When I do find something I like, I’ll pay a little extra for it. This was the case of the recently-released Nike Hyperchase in a new multi-color colorway (or multi-colorway?).

This premium version of the shoe linked with James Harden features a texture that feels very much like the design was painted onto a canvas. The new style is a collaboration with the Net Collectors Society (NCS is on tongue of the shoe) and was released in March 2015.

I came across the rainbow Hyperchase while at a Nike Outlet Store in the new Tejon Outlets last week. The multi-color Hyperchase shoe sat on top of the box at the cash wrap as it was being displayed (in fact, it was the only one left from online return).

I immediately locked into the street art-ish, edgy look and feel of the shoe. Initially thinking it was more a casual shoe or for running, I was corrected by the employees whom told me that it was, in fact, a basketball shoe.

Hyperchase rainbow multi-color prm

There aren’t a lot of shoe styles I take to, so to find a basketball shoe that I love aesthetically is quite rare. Usually the shoes I really gravitate to are way more than I am willing to pay for basketball shoes. So not only were the Hyperchases in my size, but they were *only* $90, so I took all these factors as signs and jumped on them.

According to Net Collectors Society, the mish mash of colors are actually representative of “a blend of elite college team” logos inspired from past NCAA tournament champions who have cut down the nets after the title game. The logos aren’t apparent to me, but in any case, the colors and style still speak to me. The technology of the Hyperchase has a drop-in phylon midsole, a Hyperfuse upper for breathability, and Flywire strands for added fit.

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