Here’s how to use to book Indonesian flights with a U.S. credit card

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There’s a way to book your Air Asia, Lion Air, Batik, Sriwijaya and Citilink flights from the United States, it’s just not through their respective websites unfortunately.

As we previously covered, booking flights within Indonesia using the Indonesian airlines’ websites result in frustration. For whatever reason, Indonesian credit card processors reject VISAs, Mastercards, and American Express cards from the United States and Canada.


The good news is that you can still book your tickets within Indonesia without ponying up a crazy, unreasonable service fee. As we posted previously, is a legitimate and safe site that will allow purchase of airline tickets — it just takes a couple extra steps and some patience.

How to buy your Indonesia airfare online

When attempting to buy your Indonesia airfare with a U.S. credit card on, you’ll find that all your U.S.-based credit cards will be declined. Trust me, I submitted multiple times using multiple cards to no avail (for more of that — check out what’s CTO had to say in the comments below).

buying Indonesia flights

I clicked on their live chat to see if there was a way I could book tickets through their system (the cute floating icon of a service rep beckoned me to chat with her!) I was quickly greeted by a friendly agent that also spoke English:

Tiketcom live chat awesome

YES! So nice and friendly. That goes such a long way. Anyways, I explained to Reza the issue and he responded that in order to book my tickets on, I would first have to have my credit card verified and information white-listed in their system.

Tiketcom live chat problem with credit card from US

To do this, I’d have to email a copy of my passport and credit card side-by-side in a single photograph. Specifically:

If your credit card rejected, please send the first page of your passport or your identity card along with the front of your credit card side by side in a single photograph and send it to our email address at, so that we can confirm your identity for security reasons and we can do whitelist to your credit card.


I wasn’t in rush to get my tickets so sending this information over to wasn’t a problem. I took a photo of both my passport and credit card with my phone, cropped it and sent it over to Here’s the auto-response I received.

Thank you for contact If you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact our 24 hours Customer Service at +62 21 2963 3600, email and Live Chat, with pleasure will assist you.

After a couple days of waiting, I received an email confirming that my credit card had been added to the system and I would be able to book my flight from Jakarta to Yogyakarta:

Thank you for the trust that has been given to We would like to inform you that your whitelist process already done. Kindly you can try to make a reservation again in our website.

The following morning, I went into the system and went through the process of booking my flight again. After six previous attempts that were declined, it was a relief to finally get a confirmation.


Smooth. The price of the airfare was the same as quoted from Lion Air, so there wasn’t an additional fee charged by — not one I could see at least. The good news is once your credit card is white listed by, you can then purchase multiple flights and segments on the site.

If you can spare a couple days before booking your flights in Indonesia, go with


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  1. avatar
    Natali Ardianto says:

    Hi Mr. Stuart,

    I am the CTO of I am very happy that you were able to resolve this credit card issue and that you were able to book your flights through us. Hope you will have a pleasant flight.

    The reason on why you weren’t able to book at our system is that ALL United States credit cards are blocked by our fraud detection system. The reason is that 70% of the US CC transaction on our site are fraudulent. This is not anybody’s fault. It’s just happen that US CC are all over the place and local carders are using it for fraud.

    Bear in mind that we intentionally block US cards to protect US CC owners from having to have to deal with because their card were unwillingly used by carder to transact on our website. The result is that we have zero charge-back because of fraud since August 2014 (that’s 1,5 years ago).

    And for your peace of mind, the email is only read by ONE fraud analyst, and even I don’t have access. After each mail processed, the email (and picture) is deleted permanently for compliance reason.

    Once again thank you for this post, I know this took a while to compose and I really appreciate the effort.

    1. avatar
      stuarte says:

      Hi Natali,

      Thanks for the message and insight into your process of white listing. I found my experience very positive esp. my customer service interaction through live chat. If there’s any additional information you’d like to add (or info I got incorrect), feel free to comment or send me a message. Keep up the good work!

  2. avatar
    jordan says:

    Hello Natali, I have been trying to book a flight through for almost a week, and still it is not working. I was told I am on the whitelist and everything should be good, but it still will not work. The date is coming up very soon, and I must purchase these tickets.. please help.

    Thank you,


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