Clyde Drexler highlights that will make you hungry for more baskets of finger rolls

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Isiah Thomas was my favorite NBA player by far, of the 1980’s. Second on that list? Clyde Drexler.

Yep the Portland Trailblazer shooting guard with the perfect nickname (Clyde the Glide). The one that looked 10 years older than his age because of his receding hairline.

But don’t let Clyde’s lack of hair or reputation as a quiet guy fool you, Drexler will dunk on you. Watch’s top 10 dunks of Clyde Drexler and you might think differently afterwards.

As you’ve witnesssed, the reel isn’t just filled with Drexler gliding to the hoop with his legs up, but it’s him legitimately posterizing centers all across the land: Bill Laimbeer, David Robinson, Ralph Sampson, and Manute Bol. James Worthy and Sean Elliot? Drexler goes right through each on his way to the rim.

Dunking the ball gets all the press and slams might be what is first associated with Drexler, but his passing was underrated. In an era of Magic, Bird, and Isiah, Drexler didn’t get as much respect for his passing as he should. Like his fellow superstars, he saw the floor very well…. despite seemingly always dribbling with his head down:

And the baskets full of FINGER ROLLS? Simply delicious.

I’ll leave you with this video — which is way too long for 20 highlights, but worth watching:

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