Is Citi Bike experiencing docking problems?

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A couple of days ago, I wrote about receiving an email from Citi Bike stating that the bike I docked was still in the wild four hours later and that I was incurring charges for continued usage.


The first time my boyfriend and I received this message, it ultimately turned out that Citi Bike had a docking error. Fine. Great. The problem is that my boyfriend and I received a combined five of these “Looks like you’ve had a Citi Bike out for a while…” emails in the next four days.

Obviously after the first emails we received, we were more diligent and attentive to when we docked our bike; ensuring that the dock displayed the green light, made the “successful docking” sound and tried pulling the bike out of the dock. So after I got more of these messages, I knew that it’s not me, it’s you Citi Bike.


Just to be sure, I replied to Citi Bike’s customer service to be sure that they were seeing the same on their side.

Dear Citi Bike CS — My boyfriend and I received this email a total of 6x over the last four days — is there something wrong with our accounts? Is this a system error?

Here’s how Citi Bike replied:

The referenced trip is closed and no Overtime Fees have been billed. It appears there have been some docking errors, which is why you have been receiving the emails.

Have you been experiencing the same Citi Bike docking errors lately?

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    colleen says:

    A bike I took out would not dock, despite multiple tries at many docks at two different stands. The red light went on and the bike did not latch in. I dutifully called citibike to report the failure, and that’s when the real trouble started. After spending a lot of time on the phone with customer service, unsuccessfully trying to dock the bike, I was told that Citibike would not send anyone out to get the clearly broken bike. Instead, it was my responsibility to wander around from stand to stand until it properly docked, even if that took all night ( yes that is exactly what the “supervisor” told me). Customer service insisted that it was not possible that the bike’s locking mechanism was broken, and that it was just a question of finding the elusive dock that would take the bike. Even an hour later, after three more phone calls, they would not do anything about the bike. Apparently, they think it’s more lucrative to have the bike stolen and try to charge the customer for it than to bother fixing a broken bike! Good luck with that strategy.

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