Lyft Line: When a car service is cheaper than the subway

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Would you rather have a car pick you up from your home and zip you directly to your destination or take the subway? Usually the subway is cheaper than a private car, but with Lyft Line, the price difference isn’t much.

In Manhattan (south of 97th street) you and a friend can get to your final destination for just 50 cents more than what it would cost you both to take the subway. Lyft has been running a $5 promotion for several weeks now and it goes until September 25.

For example, a recent Lyft Line from Avenue C and East 11th in Alphabet City to Madison Square Garden cost us $6 (before tip). That’s compared to $5.50 for the subway. Here’s why Lyft Line is better than the MTA in these scenarios:

  • Lyft Line picks you up from an exact location as opposed to walking to a subway stop
  • Lyft Line drops you off at the door of your destination
  • Air conditioned all the way there
  • No transfers
  • No walking
  • Generally faster than MTA


There are only two real potential negatives: First, you can’t account for traffic. Secondly, Lyft Line *sometimes* matches you up with another rider going in the same direction so that’s a crapshoot. My experience has been that I still get to my destination quicker than I would taking the subway (and I’m less sweaty).

Lyft can’t maintain $5 rides forever, but if Lyft keeps pushing out consumer-friendly promotions (like the “$5 Hot Spots”) and the MTA continues raising fares every couple of years, the subway may no longer be the cheapest option in every scenario especially if there’s two (or more).

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