Bank of America’s (BAC) stock split dates and history

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In the last thirty years, the Board of Directors at Bank of America have announced a 2:1 stock split three times.

As of this post, the last stock split was more than a decade ago, back in August of 2004 when the board declared a 2:1 stock split. The stock split before that came in February of 1997 when Bank of America’s stock was worth $122.50. Again, that was a 2-for-1 split.

More a decade before that, on November 21, 1986 the BAC Board called for a two-for-one stock split which is Bank of America’s first recorded stock split. Here are all of the Bank of America stock split dates since 1986, with their stock price before. and after the split and the percentage changes:

Date Stock Split Ratio Price After Price Before Change
08/27/2004 2-for-1 Stock Split $44.57 $89.01 0.15%
02/27/1997 2-for-1 Stock Split $60.00 $122.50 -2.04%
11/211986 2-for-1 Stock Split $21.50 $42.62 0.89%

Bank of America, the United State’s largest bank, is beginning to find their footing after the financial crisis of 2007-08. Over the last three years, BOA’s stock has steadied since hitting $5.17 back in 2012. The large bank is starting to increase their dividends – from a penny to five cents per share in 2014, with the next dividend increase set for 2016.

bank of america stock performance

However, it’ll be a while before BOA calls for another stock split.

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