American Express Blue Cash card gives you $250 for $1000 spent

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In 2015, I was all about credit card offers and one of the best incentives out there was the American Express Blue Cash Everyday $250 bonus.

When it comes down to value of the incentive and effort it took to reach the incentive, there isn’t better offer than the $250 cashback that the American Express Blue Cash Everyday card put out there a couple months ago.


I’ve applied for nearly ten credit cards in 2015 and I’ll break it down why I like the Blue Cash card so much.

There’s three big reasons why the AMEX Blue Cash Everyday card goes into my credit card offers Hall Of Fame. First, there is no annual fee for the first year. Secondly, the offer of $250 statement credit is the next best thing to cold hard cash and lastly, the $1000 required in three months is a more than attainable threshold compared to other cards.

Here are my reasons in bullet points for emphasis:

1) No annual fee
2) $250 bonus in statement credit
3) Low $1000 requirement

If you get approved for the Blue Cash card and make $1000 of purchases on the card in three months or less (from approval) — you’re getting $250 cash back. Just. Like. That. Not miles or points you have to redeem; real money in the form of a credit.

American Express Blue Cash 250 cashback
Whoop there it is.

Still not convinced? Another angle of looking at the offer is that you basically get 25% off your next $1000 worth of purchases. So that $28 dinner was actually $21. That movie with popcorn that cost $50 last week — not really, that was $38.50. And the $800 50-inch LCD television you’ve been waiting to go on sale? Well, here’s $200 off the TV of your dreams.


Blue Cash Everyday Card Review

Personally, I won’t be using the Blue Cash Everyday card as my primary. credit card I was incentivized to apply because of the $250, so I’ll share my experience and review how it was getting the $250 bonus from American Express.

First off, there’s no tricks to this. You don’t have to worry about the small type or Terms and Conditions. It all depends on your approval for the card and whether you can meet the $1000 in three month purchase requirement. That’s it.

Getting the bonus from American Express was as simple as the offer stated when I applied. For me, I met my purchase requirement in my second month and had the $250 statement credit applied. If you are confident in meeting the threshold, you should apply for the AMEX Blue Cash Everyday and get the cashback.

if you’re considering the card and wonder if it’s worth the effort — it is. Apply for the American Express Blue Cash Everyday card. You won’t regret it.

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    Dee Ried says:

    I applied for the Amex Blue Cash card incentive was the $250 bonus for spending $1000 in 3 months, which I spent that and more. Unfortunately I am getting the run around from Amex after numerous calls and chats. In fact getting hung up on when calling 800 number, so went to chat. I inquired on 2/3 and was told 6-8 weeks research and told to call back on 3/2. On 3/17 I was told the same thing …6-8 weeks research! Needless to say I am more than upset with Amex!

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