How long does my passport need to be valid to travel to Hong Kong?

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A friend of mine wants to travel to Hong Kong in the next couple months — the potential problem with that? Her passport expires in March 2014 and she’s concerned that she won’t be allowed in if it’s too close to the passport’s expiration date., but what is too close?

So what is the passport validity rule to enter Hong Kong?

Many countries have a passport validity time frame in order for visitors to enter their borders — the most common seems to be for at least six months out.The good news is Hong Kong doesn’t have that strict of rules.

To visit Hong Kong as a regular sightseeing, dim sum eating, and shopping tourist, your passport only has to be valid for one month past the period of your intended stay. So if you plan on visiting Hong Kong from February 11, 2014 to February 17, 2014, your passport then should be valid for at least until March 18, 2014 — though I wouldn’t play it that close.

Check out this email a traveler received from the Hong Kong’s Director of Immigration:

Hong Kong Passport Guidelines
Check out this email from Hong Kong Immigration (source: Flickr)

Are you a refugee, a “stateless person,” or unsure of what your status is, then the rules are different. Go to Discover Hong Kong for more info.

If you’re a regular tourist and don’t have a special status then Hong Kong allows Nationals from most countries to enter without a visa (up to 90 days if you hold U.S. Passport) and with a passport that doesn’t expire 30 days from the period of their intended visit.

Happy travels.

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