what is an MT on Twitter

What does ‘MT’ stand for on Twitter?

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what is an MT on Twitter

What I Found Out Today: I’ve been Twittering a lot lately, so I’m down with all my RTs, DMs, hashtags, FFs, and H/Ts…. but lately, I’ve run across a tweet that includes the “MT” abbreviation.

I noticed that whenever an “MT” came around, that the tweet was structured exactly in the way a Retweet would appear. Obviously, instead of the “RT“, the “MT” would be in its place.

So what’s an “MT”?

MT stands for “Modified Tweet” which is basically a way of signifying that you’re paraphrasing someone else’s tweet. So instead of retweeting a tweet word for word, a user would take the tweet, edit the tweet without changing the intent. MTs are usually used to shorten a tweet or add some small value to the tweet.

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