Kyrie Irving brings his circus act to Madison Square Garden

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Most players hope to make a great move here and there, maybe hit a tough shot, and perhaps make a highlight reel or two. There are certain players that just make ESPN Sportscenter night in night out, and then there’s Kyrie Irving vs. the New York Knicks a couple days ago.

Irving is one of those players that you watch and wonder how much better a guard can be at shooting, dribbling, penetrating, consistently finish around the basket with a variety of moves and with either hand.

No need to go searching for his career highlights, you can just go over a few of his moves when he dropped 37 points from all angles in a win against the New York Knicks:

It wasn’t just razzle dazzle, but Irving was always a step ahead of pretty-good defenders in Shane Larkin, Pablo Prigioni, and Iman Shumpert, by efficiently hitting jump shots from all over the court. And to cap it all off, he hit a left-handed, teardrop layup right over Amare Stoudemire to put the Cavs up three which ended up being the margin.

Irving went for 37 points on 12-18 shooting.

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