Nik Stauskas spins, goes up and under Ohio State (GIF)

Stauskas reverse layup against Ohio State

Toward the end of the game against Ohio State yesterday, Nik Stauskas could be seen telling one of the Michigan coaches “get me the ball” during a timeout. Hey, if that’s what the Big Ten Player of the Year and only unanimous selection to the All-Big Ten Team wants, let’s see what happens.

On the next offensive possession for Michigan, Stauskas got the ball and drove the left baseline on Ohio State’s Aaron Craft. Craft stopped his drive and Stauskas picked up his dribble.

As Stauskas turned, Craft reached over and tapped the ball out of Stauskas’ hand, but as he leaned over, he lost his balance and fell down in the process. With the ability to dribble again, Stauskas spun away from a falling Craft and attacked the basket. Check out his awesome, Jeremy Lin-like reverse layup.

Stauskas' reverse layup against Ohio State
h/t MarcusD

Stauskas reverse layup was critical in that it gave Michigan a three point lead with about 2 minutes left in the game. Though the effort was admirable, it turned into one of several critical missteps made by Craft in the final 3 minutes of the game.

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