Sardine Hash: What to make with sardines, potatoes and onions in the cupboard?

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Did you know that those small cans of sardines are packed with one of the more nutrient-dense foods? Like salmon, those small, salty fish are packed with Omega-3s.

These nutritional powerhouses are one of the best sources of omega-3 fats, with a whopping 1,950 mg/per 3 oz. (that’s more per serving than salmon, tuna or just about any other food) and they’re packed with vitamin D.

On top of that, sardines are much easier on the pocketbook than salmon or DHA supplements. With sardines you get just as much of those important fatty acids  as you would with more-expensive salmon for the fraction of the price.

Before I knew it, I had ten cans of Brunswick sardines (at .99 cents/can) in my cupboard, so I needed to search for recipes to incorporate them into dishes.

Unfortunately, many of the recipes I came across were for salads. After not finding any recipes that sounded good, I decided I would experiment with other ingredients I had in the house. One of my first ideas were to create a sardine hash — basically a simple hash with sardines mixed in.

Sardine Hash Recipe
Total Time:
15 minutes
Ingredients: Sardines, quarter onion, 15 tater tots (frozen), garlic, one agg, pepper, salt

Directions: Heat a frying pan with olive oil. Once the pan is ready, add the tater tots. Fry the tater tots until they’re browned on all sides (6-8 mins). Remove the potatoes and place onto a paper towel-lined plate to soak up excess oil. Next, break up the sardines into the potatoes. Place the chopped onions into the frying pan and heat them until they’re nearly carmelized. When ready, add the tater tots back into the pan. Season with salt and black pepper then mix the ingredients together, breaking up the tater tots into the onions and sardines.

When finished, remove hash and place into a bowl. You can now cook your egg in the frying pan to your liking. My preference is to scramble them and mix into the hash.

There you have it: Sardine Hash!

Sardines may provide similar health benefits to that of salmon, but they cost just a fraction of the price. The taste of sardines may limit your options in how best to integrate them into a dish, but if you’re adventurous and creative, it’s worth the effort.

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