If you are visiting or live in New York City, you need to read this guide on etiquette

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Big Appled put out this awesome guide on NYC etiquette. There’s a lot of guidebooks and how-to’s for New York, but this one hits many of the right notes, goes deep, and in a humorous way. 

The guide (NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette) specifically targets tourists, but in my short time here commuting, walking and dealing with the hordes of people, I would say many New Yorkers, and not just tourists, could stand to brush up on a few of basic tips, city manners, and general etiquette. Specifically:

Keep to the right when walking up/down stairs: I don’t understand this. New Yorkers are so efficient commuting otherwise, why hasn’t all the way to the right been more widely adopted by NY denizens?

A train/bus seat is for person, not for your shit (unless bus/subway is empty): This happens in San Francisco, too. If the bus/subway is packed and you have your bag on a seat, you’re an asshole.

nyc ettiquette subway move your bag

Umbrella-sharing program: I’d be interested in how many unnecessary umbrellas are bought/wasted every year

nyc ettiquette cheap umbrellas

Don’t hang out on the subway steps because you want to finish your call/text: You’re rushing to catch the next train and there she is, halfway down the stairs trying to finish her phone call. Efficient for you, inefficient for rest of the 7 million people.

nyc ettiquette cell phone on the stairs

Move away from the platform: This one bothers me the most. When you get out of the subway and suddenly have service, don’t stop at the top to text or orient yourself. Move the fuck out of the way first.

Learn all these unwritten rules and buy this awesome NYC guide for less than $7 — whether you’re a tourist or have lived in New York for a few years now, this book will help you brush up on all the things you should know. Other New Yorkers will thank you by not yelling at your slow, inconsiderate ass.

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