CMWorld Session Recap: Marry content marketing to your business model

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Writer, Producer, Director: How to Marry Content Marketing to Your Business Model with Brian Clark and Jerod Morris, both of Copyblogger.
Clark is the founder and CEO of Copyblogger, while Morris is the company’s Director of Content.

Writer, Producer, Director How to Marry Content Marketing to Your Business Model


DESCRIPTION: Yes, content marketing — because that’s what works with social, search, and most importantly, your prospects . Perhaps you’ve already worked out a general content strategy, but what now? Copyblogger Media founder and CEO Brian Clark and Copyblogger’s Director of Content Jerod Morris walk you through an execution approach that works.


  • How to match business objectives with content creation
  • Why email lists exemplify your audience asset
  • The vital roles of producer and director on the content team
  • How to create a marketing machine from content assets
  • Much more …


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t as enamored by the subject matter of the session as I am curious about the Copyblogger brand. I am hoping to walk out with some general insights and behind the scene secrets from a successful content company.

Brian Clark starts off with a little history of Copyblogger — how the company started back in 2006 without much of stragey — more a blog that tried to create an audience and then growing by determining what they wanted.

There are three core components to strategy and they all start with “M” — mail, media, and match.

Email is your primary audience asset – it used to be a way of publishing content via newsletters. The following image shows six circles nested within each other — the idea being the further from the center, the “colder” they are to you, your product, and your company. For example — social, search, and content audience (whitepapers etc.) are the three outer rings and thus have the weakest connection. Clark’s point is that email should be the focus.

Email is your primary audience asset

Give consistent value before and after they sign up for your email.

Match is about aligning everything to personas and your business objectives.


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